Will my care assistant stay the full period and carry out all their duties?

At Watra Care, we take a very sophisticated approach in ensuring your care needs are satisfied. Our Care assistants will note all the details and activities taken place after every visit in a care record which is also made available to the customer. The customer is then asked to record their level of satisfaction and sign a timesheet provided by the care assistance. This is then returned to Watra Care’s office and is reviewed on a weekly basis.

How do I pay?

A bill is sent to you every fortnight. Let us know if you wish to pay by standing order.

What is the cost and is there support available?

An informative plan will be put together for all our customers, entailing the care which will be delivered and the weekly costs. You may be entitled to some financial support either from the government or your Social Services office

How can a visit be arranged with Watra Care?

We encourage you to contact us and make an appointment so we can discuss which plan suits you. We are more than happy to visit you in your home to discuss this. After you have decided, leave us to deal with the rest.

Is there anything a care assistant cannot do?

Whilst we will do our best to give you exactly what you want on each visit, we cannot change sterile dressings, or give injections. We also cannot perform tasks which pose a risk, either to the person receiving care or the Watra Care care assistant. Any tasks will be agreed with you in advance and any changes to your plan can be discussed with the team.

What if the office is closed?

Our office hours are 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday. We also operate an emergency out-of-hours service which is from 7am to 10pm. The amount of hours can be given for your peace of mind as someone on the other end of the telephone line will support you with any emergencies for your care.

What about personal security?

Everyone on the Watra Care team has undertaken a vetting procedure before they began working with us. All of our staff will always be wearing a uniform and will always carry a personalised ID card, displaying their name, signature and photo.

Do I have safeguards?

.Watra Care is registered alongside the local registration of every county it operates in. Minimum standards are set by these bodies by the way we should operate. In most cases, we exceed these standards by a great margin. Watra Care is also a full member of the United Kingdom Home Care Association (UKHCA) which also sets out standards. We also hold Public Liability Insurance worth £10 million

What if I dislike my package or want to make changes?

We understand people’s needs may often change and understand the importance of reviewing such changes. At Watra Care, regular reviews are carried out and we also continue to hear positive reviews from family members about how effectively we deliver our services to their relatives.

What tasks are carried out?

A plan is agreed by us and details precisely what you have told us to do. This will then become a daily work list. As we have a continuous and stable relationship with pharmacies, we can support you to administer your medication

Care plans may typically expand and we review our services regularly to ensure you continue receiving the appropriate care.

Will I always have the same care assistant?

This will depend on the number of visits you may receive. In rare circumstances, we may have just one care assistant allocated to a certain customer. This is because, there may be an instance where your care assistant is away or on holiday, but we do attempt to keep the number of care assistants as low as possible. 

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