There are several types of care funding available and you may entitled to more than one of them. These will vary between means-tested (health & ability tested) and untested.

Means Tested – Local Authority Funded

Depending on your circumstances you may be eligible to social care funding support. To find out more, contact your local social services who can give you further information and advice.
If you have already been reviewed by your local council as someone who requires this support you may have been assigned to a Personal Budget. There are a variety of ways you can receive payment, including Direct Payments, Individual Budget’s or Individual Service Funds (ISF) and more terms you may have come across but they principally serve the same purpose. You will always be in complete control of the support you receive and how you wish to receive it.
Your local authority will often only provide funding to cover the most necessary and basic essentials so you may decide to cover some further elements of your care plan yourself which many of our customer have done.
The following services are not means tested and you may eligible to receive these in extension.

Financial support for older adults

If you aged 65 and over and have physical or mental disability, you may entitled to Attendance Allowance (AA) which will be used to assist older adults with their personal care needs.

Long term sickness and disability payments

If you have a long-term illness or a physical disability you may be entitled to a Personal Independence Payment (PIP). This has replaced the prior Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and is used to provide assistance with living costs to people aged 16-64 with long-tem conditions or disabilities

Additional assistance with care funding

You can visit an informative and user-friendly website providing all the essential information you need to know regarding care funding such assesments, the cost of care, care eligibility criteria and how to organise care for another person. Their live-chat feature gives visitors immediate access to professional care needs and fees advice.

What is a Personal Budget?

This has been made available in England since 2008 and is awarded by the local council to people who have described as having social care needs and will also depend on your financial condition. If awarded, you may have the choice of receiving  payment through a direct debit payment or an Individual Savings Fund.

Individual Budgets?

An individual budget shares some similarities with the personal budget, but it consists of further additional sources such as the Independent Living Fund (ILF). This is only awarded to people with severe disabilities and live within their communities and their own homes rather residential care homes.

Direct Payments?

Direct Payments were instituted by the Government, allowing certain individuals who have been assessed as having special care needs to acquire their own support and care and will be assigned to a personal budget.
If you choose to take this method of payment, it will give you direct control and power over how and when you wish to spend your money. However, it must be spent on equipment and support that will accommodate your care needs and circumstances.
At Watra Care, we can form a Support Plan, ensuring all your commitments and wishes are achieved. Visit your local council to apply for Direct Payment
To find out more about Direct Payments, please visit the NHS Choices Website.

Individual Service Funds (ISFs)?

This is available to people who either cannot or do not wish to utilise Direct Payments they have been assigned to. Unlike Direct Payments, you may choose a service provider, such as Watra Care who will hold your personal budget on your behalf. Althouth managed by a service provider of your choosing, you will still be in control of how your money is spent. Your Support Plan will be tailored to how your ISF is spent, your desired outcome and what your chosen service provider can do to help you achieve this.

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