Activities for a Healthy mind

One of Watra Care’s key service is promoting engagement, stimulation and fun

Many people today often resort to a television for entertainment and company. At Watra Care, we offer a variety of activities such as puzzles and games such as crossword puzzles which we believe will keep customers more alert and happier than a television screen, it also increases our mental well-being. Research has also indicated that we, as human’s beings are just as capable as progressing in the second half of our lives as we are in the first.  We believe all it takes it a bit of motivation for someone to engage in these activities and our minds will improve and continue to function progressively.

This is why we, at Watra Care have integrated these activities into our support plans, allowing you to enjoy yourself whilst also improving your mental well-being alongside your homecare.

How to find the right care assistant for you or your relative

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